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The acai berry is known world wide for its medicinal purposes and has been touted as the newest remedy to help increase energy and promote antioxidant production in the body. The berries grow on a palm tree in the Amazon, and for thousands of years tribes in the Amazon have used the health benefits of acai berries as a remedy for many different times of illnesses. Two of the things that modern testing of this amazing berry has proven are that this fruit is incredibly high in antioxidants as well as working with the body to help control bad cholesterol levels.

However, the properties of the acai berry are said to fall short if the berry is not processed within the first twenty four hours after it is picked. This is the approximate time in which the medicinal qualities of the plant are believed to be the most active and therefore they must be harvested and loaded unto the transport vehicles. Then, from there the fruit is reduced into pulp and is freeze-dried to help it retain its most potent properties. It did not take long for many to find out about how the berry was so naturally healthy and full of vitamins and nutrients that it was believed that this small fruit could help raise energy and reduce cholesterol.

By introducing the body to the natural ingredients that are found within the acai berry the body works to help support itself by using these ingredients as the building blocks to becoming healthier. There have even been reports that the acai berry juice has also helped to reduce instances of heart disease and cancer because of its amazing ability to help boost the body's immune system. And, modern tests and studies have even shown that antioxidant capacity within the blood will increase two hours after consuming acai berries.
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