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Acai Berry is the most recent buzz in the arena of wonder fruits. It is the greatest super fruit found till date. With an ORAC score of 330 it tops the chart of the super fruits. Acai-Berry supplements are being sold by many manufacturers in different forms and sizes. There are few of these additions in the market which boost weight loss at a quicker rate but just a couple of can act efficiently. One major bonus of an acai diet comes thanks to those antioxidants, which are vital for keeping free radicals in check. Free radicals attack cells and organs and effectively cause your body to age.
The acai berry is known world wide for its medicinal purposes and has been touted as the newest remedy to help increase energy and promote antioxidant production in the body. The berries grow on a palm tree in the Amazon, and for thousands of years tribes in the Amazon have used the health benefits of acai berries as a remedy for many different times of illnesses.
Incresase your life span
Keeps your cholesterol levels healthy
Gives you a better sleep cycle
Increase your memory
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